Where to find your rental car at Adelaide Airport

Upon arrival at Adelaide Airport, the beaches, vineyards and pretty green-ringed city centre will be calling. After clearing customs and collecting your luggage, the first thing you will need to do is pick up your rental car and get on the road. Below is a guide to the different rental depots and how they work.

Access Car Hire: This local Adelaide company will send a representative to meet you at the info desk on the ground floor with a named sign. They will then direct you to your car which will have been delivered to the airport.

Alamo Car Hire: In this location, Alamo is serviced by Europcar so keep a lookout for the Europcar desk in the car rental area near the baggage claim. The staff there will help you with your pick up.

Apollo Car Hire: You will pick up your vehicle at the Hertz desk as they are jointly branded in this location. The desk can be found on the ground floor near the baggage claim carousels.

Auto Europe Car Hire: You will need to check your rental confirmation to find out by which end supplier your Auto Europe rental will be provided, and proceed as needed for that supplier.

Avis Car Hire: There is an Avis desk amongst the other car rental companies on the ground floor. Talk to the friendly staff about how to pick up your car and be on your way to explore Adelaide

Budget Car Hire: Budget has a desk in the airport, which makes it easy to roll up and claim your car. The Budget staff will be happy to see you on your way.

East Coast Car Hire: There is a free shuttle service for East Coast customers. Call the number provided on arrival and await the branded shuttle in the pick up and drop off zone.

Europcar Car Hire: There is a rental counter for Europcar on the ground floor of the airport, near the baggage claim carousels. To claim your rental, see the staff at the counter and you will be away in no time.

Hertz Car Hire: With a rental counter right in the airport near baggage claim, picking up your Hertz rental is easy. Customer service representatives will get the papers sorted and you can drive away from the airport with no hassles.

Honk Car Hire:As an aggregator Honk uses several end suppliers. Check your rental confirmation before travelling to find out which rental car company you will get your car from.

National Car Hire: National is served by Europcar, so look for the Europcar rental counter when you arrive at the airport. The staff there will get you into your vehicle.

Redspot Car Hire: There is a Redspot counter on the ground floor near the baggage claim. Go there to claim your vehicle and head out into Adelaide.

Sixt Car Hire: Sixt is partnered with redspot in Australia. For a rental through Sixt, go to the Redspot counter and the customer service staff there can help you to pick up your vehicle.

Thrifty Car Hire: Thrifty has a rental counter in the terminal, near the baggage claim on the ground floor. Once you have your bags, go to the desk to claim your vehicle and get on the road.

Updated October 2013 by Chris Houston. Information is subject to change at any time.